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Kinesiology takes away the guesswork

Often the root of your symptoms is in a completely different place to your pain or discomfort. A migraine might be caused by a digestive issue, old injuries might not heal because of trapped trauma, lower back pain might be stress-related. We want to find this root cause so we can start the healing process.


The great news is that the body has all the answers and Systematic Kinesiology finds them, taking the guesswork out of healthcare. No more guessing which supplements to take, no more guessing which factors are slowing you down and no more worrying that this is going to be your reality forever.

The body always wants to heal, and with Systematic Kinesiology we can give it the helping hand it needs.


Kinesiology transforms your health

Kinesiology is a life-changing and transformative therapy that enhances your health on every level. We all deserve to be well - to sleep soundly, to wake refreshed, to feel energised and pain-free, to feel joyful and full of life. Kinesiology balances the body in a powerful way that makes this all possible.

  • Non-invasive, drug free & enormously empowering
  • Tailored treatments to you and your body
  • Bespoke food allergy tests & nutritional supplement plans
  • Strengthens the immune & endocrine systems
  • Deep dives into digestive health
  • Thorough and effective release of stress and anxiety from mind & body
  • Eliminates pain, tension and toxicity from the body 
  • Gentle, safe, supportive and confidential

The science behind Kinesiology

The history of Kinesiology

In 1895, D. D. Palmer founded the profession of ‘Chiropractic’ a system concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system that cause health problems.


When stressed, areas of the spine can get out of proper alignment which chiropractors call ‘subluxations’. These conditions are resolved using manipulation of the spine which rectify the ‘subluxations’ and improve overall health.


In 1964, Dr. George Goodheart, D.C., a renowned American chiropractor, discovered a revolutionary new principle which he called ‘Applied Kinesiology’. His research led to the discovery of many techniques that strengthened muscles and achieved a better balance of forces that align the body which resolved many common ailments.

The biology of Kinesiology

The brain is in command of the whole body via the spinal cord. Between each vertebra of the neck, the thorax and the lumbar area are holes called the intervertebral foramina (IVF). Kinesiology uses muscle testing, developed by physical therapists Florence and Henry Kendall in 1949, to tap into the body's energies and biochemical function electrically through these 7 factors of the intervertebral foramina. 

  • Neuro Lymphatic system

  • Neuro Vascular system

  • Acupuncture meridian connectors

  • Cerebral Spinal Fluid

  • Emotional reflex (stress has a physical effect)

  • Nutritional reflex (diet related issues and deficiencies)


While the first 4 are widely known by doctors, the last 2 factors are now beginning to be acknowledged. One area which is heavily researched within the field of emotional reflex is psychoneuroimmunology, the study of the interaction between the mind, the nervous system, and immune system.


While doctors use electrical equipment to ‘read’ patients, we are reading this electrical energy in a different and more subtle way.

The development of Systematic Kinesiology

In 1976, Brian H. Butler trained in 'Applied Kinesiology' and was astounded at the beneficial results of muscle testing and balancing and in 1985 he formed a professional organisation of The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology, T.A.S.K.


'Systematic Kinesiology' was born out of the chiropractic development of ‘Applied Kinesiology’ and what makes it unique is it's embodiment of M.C.P.E; the principle that addresses and balances the four aspects of the whole person, Mental, Chemical, Physical and Energetic simultaneously. Using this approach we rebalance the energies that flow through the intervertebral foramina using touch, massage, nutrition and stress release, with immediate benefits.

No other form of health modality practices this approach which is what makes Systematic Kinesiology so powerful.

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