Kinesiology takes away the guesswork

Often the root of your symptoms is in a completely different place to your pain or discomfort. For example, tiredness can stem from a food sensitivity, lower back pain can stem from stress. We want to find this root cause so we can start the healing process.


The great news is that body has all the answers and Systematic Kinesiology finds them, taking the guesswork out of healthcare. No more guessing which supplements to take, no more guessing which factors are slowing you down and no more worrying that this is going to be your reality forever.

Kinesiology transforms your health

Kinesiology is a life-changing and transformative therapy that enhances your health on every level. We all deserve to be well - to sleep soundly, to wake refreshed, to feel energised and pain-free, to feel joyful and full of life. Kinesiology balances the body in a powerful way that makes this your reality.

  • Non-invasive, drug free & enormously empowering
  • Tailored treatments to you and your body
  • Bespoke food allergy tests & nutritional supplement plans
  • Strengthens the immune & endocrine systems
  • Large focus on gut health
  • Thorough and effective release of stress and anxiety from mind & body
  • Eliminates pain, tension and toxicity from the body 
  • Gentle, safe, supportive and confidential
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