Client testimonials

"Antonia spent much time listening to my mind, heart and soul. Her technique, knowledge and presence is incredibly reassuring, professional and a breath of fresh air... The loveliest part to all of this is how gentle yet confident Antonia is to find a long-lasting solution. Her experience in this area of complimentary therapy is unique! If you’ve tried everything and still looking for that special something.. this is for you! By the end of the session I was physically and mentally stronger to continue healing for success."

- Jasmine

"Earlier this year I was suffering from a chronic bladder infection - I had tried acupuncture, antibiotics and seeing a naturopath however none of these approaches had managed to work. I turned to kinesiology and Antonia with little to no understanding of the practice but I found it incredibly healing and helpful. Through muscle testing Antonia managed to pinpoint supplements my body was craving as well as deep diving into emotional tensions I wasn’t even aware were effecting me but have since made my life so much better. Antonia was happy to work alongside my western doctors supporting my body alongside the high dose of antibiotics I was on as well as recommending a more suitable diet to help fight infection and heal. As a result, my pain levels have significantly lowered and my symptoms have almost disappeared. Antonia is intuitive, professional, kind and supportive and I would happily recommend her to anyone as she’s changed my life significantly for the better over the past few months."

- Kate

"The sessions I had with Antonia really helped in resetting my body after I had a miscarriage last year. I felt safe, reassured and completely relaxed in her environment. Not only did I find the kinesiology technique really amazing but it was also the full package Antonia offers from start to finish which resulted in me leaving with a clear, positive mind and relaxed body. Would highly recommend to anyone in any stage of life and in every state of health and fitness."

- Sophie

"Kinesiology was so much better than I ever imagined. I have suffered from anxiety for years and wanted to particularly focus on getting better sleep. Antonia was such a reassuring and calming influence and really knows her stuff. I was amazed at how the body really does tell you what it is craving, and couldn’t recommend working with her more. She is kind, really listens, and most importantly I have seen improvements first hand!"

- Tom

"After trying multiple different ways of managing what has previously been diagnosed as IBS, I had a fantastic session with Antonia where I truly now feel I can manage my body better. Not only do I feel better but I also feel more equipped with tools and techniques to keep it under wraps."

- Charlotte

"With Antonia you’re in the best hands possible! Not only are the treatments great and make you feel relaxed and energised, she also has such a positive personality which makes it easy to relax and trust her throughout the sessions! Since I discovered kinesiology with Antonia I’ll definitely have sessions with her every now and then as it’s very interesting but also makes me feel great, physically and mentally! Thank you Antonia!"

- Steffi

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