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Yoga Practice

Yoga is a wonderful accompaniment to regular Kinesiology balancing, with multiple physical and emotional benefits. Beyond being a powerful way to strengthen and tone, yoga creates space in the body for stagnant energy to flow, aids the lymphatic system (especially in those twists and inversions) and opens the heart chakra which helps relieve emotions burdens such as grief, anger and fear. Lastly, yoga frees our minds from past and future worries, alleviating anxiety and allowing momentary respite from our stressful worlds. And it feels so amazing to stretch, you'll soon be hooked!

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Nutritional Supplements 

Even if you eat an organic diet, due to poor soil quality we can no longer get all the essential vitamins and minerals we need from our food. Taking high-quality supplements is therefore essential, but what most of us struggle with is knowing what we specifically need. In Kinesiology we find the nutrition that your body is craving, it could be a mineral like magnesium, a specific type of vitamin C or a digestive aid like a probiotic. Supplements are an essential part of the treatment process, for emotional as well as physical support, magnifying the healing in-between sessions and nourishing the body. 

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Bach Flowers

Developed in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath, he believed that the key to good health was through emotional harmony and that emotions, such as fear and anxiety, lay behind all dis-ease of the body. Furthermore, by bringing harmony to the mind it would allow the body to follow suit and release the dis-ease. This is an approach we use in Kinesiology where we find that emotions are often the root cause of physical symptoms. Bringing great comfort and emotional relief, these remedies work extremely quickly - you can choose which ones you feel you need here

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Essential Oils

Essential oils are derived from plants and offer a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Some have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, others can enhance cognitive function, mood, and memory, and some help alleviate stiff, sore muscles and joints. Essential oils are molecularly small enough to travel through the blood brain barrier and enter the brain where their healing benefits are released at a cellular level. This not only means essential oils are extremely quick to act, but also, deliver much more profound healing potential because of the way they penetrate the body at such an inherent level.

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Further Reading

There is an abundance of amazing books, blogs and articles out there that give a refreshing alternative viewpoint to our health and wellbeing. Written by scientists, biologists, practitioners, therapists and activists, there's a healthy dose of perspectives to allow us to get a well-rounded view of our health. I've listed my favourites below which I hope will provide you with a similar dose of insight, knowledge and perspective.


Personal favourites (blogs and news outlets)

  • T.A.S.K Kinesiology - informative writing on a range of topics relating to our health and wellbeing

  • Sophie Wild - an inner healing and pregnancy coach advocating empowered women and natural birth

  • Dr Khush Mark - providing in-depth understanding of the immune system with a homeopathic approach

  • Kate Magic - a raw food advocate writing beautifully on topics surrounding self love and healing

  • Chantal Di Donato - writing on everything from veganism to Ayurveda to yoga to nutrition and beyond

  • Wake Up World - an online platform brimming with informative articles on every aspect of wellbeing

  • What Doctors Don't Tell You - a scientific-based magazine questioning mainstream medical authority

  • Bodhi Blog - encouraging us to recognise the mind body connection and it's power on our capacity to heal

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