Why Am I Always Tired And Lacking Energy?

Do you wake up tired and spend the whole day yawning? 

Do you spend your weekends on the sofa recovering from the week?

Do you catch every bug that’s going around the office?

It's frustrating when we're not performing at our best as it can feel like we're always catching up. So where does our tiredness stem from? To give you a helping hand let's deep dive into the different realms we look into in Kinesiology to understand the root cause of feeling tired.

Emotional exhaustion 

Sometimes we forget how draining it can be around certain people or circumstances. Emotional exhaustion is real, sometimes it can come on quickly and other times there can be a longer-term build up that you’re not aware of. Either way, the end result is a feeling of being absolutely drained. So who or what is draining you?

In terms of people, have a think as to whether there’s someone in your life who you feel emotionally drained after being with. This could be a tricky flatmate, a demanding parent, a nagging other half, a sly co-worker, a difficult boss. Who do you interact with and come away from feeling drained? In terms of situations, there’s many things we find emotionally exhausting. Moving house, breaking up with someone or changing jobs are often big reasons as there can often be lots of emotions such as shock and grief surrounding these life-changing events. 

Occasionally it can be something a little more literal. What are you tired of? Are you tired of life, who you’re with, where you live, where you work? Do you love what you do or are you bored of life? These are bigger questions but addressing them can provide a sense of relief and understanding.

Top Tip: Give yourself some protection from whatever it is that’s draining you by using Walnut Bach Flower, also a wonderful support in times of change and transition.

Physical exhaustion 

We all live an on-the-go lifestyle of work hard and play hard, life is constantly busy and there's often not much time to slow down and stop. Rest, repair and recovery are important factors in our wellbeing but often we’re guilty of neglecting these so we can fit more into our busy lives.

Have you ever gone on holiday or taken a weekend break and immediately caught a bug or experienced extreme fatigue as soon as you stopped moving? That’s because your adrenals have been working overtime, pumping false energy into the body, so as soon as they get a chance to stop everything in the body slows down to start a process of rest and recovery. Don’t let this false energy fool you, make sure you’re not overdoing it. Getting enough sleep, time and space to aid recovery is an important factor to your overall wellbeing. 

While I advocate exercise to boost the mood and get energy flowing around the body, sometimes physically pushing our bodies can produce more negative effects than good, stressing an already stressed body even further. Exercise should enhance our health and mood but there’s a balance to get right and only you know what’s right for you. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re working in a sedentary job and aren’t moving your body, you can also feel drained of energy. This is because your lymph isn’t moving around the body effectively. Your lymph cleanses the body, sending in white blood cells and cleaning out the nasties, so if it becomes stagnant it isn’t doing its job effectively. Get your lymph moving by any physical activity that gets you bouncing around and smiling.

Top Tip: To banish brain fog, firmly massage all around the base of your occiput (bottom of your skull) for a few minutes until you feel more clear headed.

Chemical exhaustion

More often than not a lot of cases of tiredness comes down to your chemical balance from what you're putting into your body. In Kinesiology we see digestion as the core of your health so what you eat on a daily basis is incredibly important to your overall energy levels. The main offenders that drain energy are processed sugar, simple carbohydrates and processed foods. When we eat these we often feel an initial energy spike followed by an even greater sense of tiredness and sluggishness.

Everyone is biochemically unique, this means that we all react differently to different foods. Testing foods on the body in Kinesiology is one of the simplest ways to tell which foods support you and which you're more sensitive too. We also test nutritional supplements, including minerals and vitamins, because sometimes you just aren’t getting the right levels of what your body is craving. It could be something simple like B12 to boost energy, Zinc to promote clarity, Iron or a specific herbal supplement such as Siberian Ginseng.

Food is fuel so think about what foods will fuel your body and brain to perform at their best. Sometimes we don't eat enough or we skip meals which can massively affect our energy levels. Eating too much can also put a strain on the digestive system, especially late at night. Everyone is different so find what habits work for you. Drinking enough water also makes a massive difference to energy levels. I recommend 2 litres a day, away from meals. Most of us are in a permanent state of dehydration so drinking enough water is absolutely essential!

Top Tip: if you're feeling tired and run down make sure you eat hearty, warming meals that are easy to digest and boost the immune system. Soups, broths and stews are all great choices!

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