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What Do I Believe In?

As a complementary healthcare practitioner I guide clients towards releasing anxiety, fear, stress and deeper emotional trauma as well as helping to restore physical health and wellbeing. For the past several years I’ve been reading, listening, journaling, imagining, researching, growing and learning from some of the most incredible minds out there, about how to create a life I love and find ultimate peace within myself so I can help others do the same.

Finding peace within, creating a joyful and abundant life and experiencing the highest sense of self-worth are what I aspire to. Its a long, evolutionary process that I will be joyfully on until I’m no longer here. So I invite you to read my top ten life learnings I try to live by so you can get to know me and my beliefs. Hopefully some will resonate you and you'll take something away. I've listed my main resources at the bottom if you want to carry on with your own research.

These 10 learnings are ones I try to live by every day. I don’t always succeed, I’m not perfect, no one is, but I turn up and try and that’s all that matters.

1) Jim Rohn once said, “stand guard to the door of your mind” which is a wonderful way of saying, be careful of what you submerge yourself in. We’re not just affected on the physical level by what we put into our bodies, we’re also massively influenced by what we let into our minds. Your subconscious brain makes up 95% of your beliefs, thoughts and actions, and it’s this unconscious mind that we feed all the time. Scary films, mindless television ads, negative news, argumentative and abrasive conversations, stressful environments, even the words you say to yourself feed it and create your essence. What you read, listen to and see all seeps into your subconscious and unconsciously creates your beliefs, thoughts and actions. Be careful of what you let in.

2) Take the word ‘should’ out of your dictionary. Is there anything worse than berating yourself saying “I’m so stupid, I shouldn’t have done that, I should have done that”, what’s the point in torturing yourself with past mistakes, they’re not mistakes, accept that you can’t change the past, you can only learn from it. What's more, stop looking behind your shoulder at the past and focus on the present, leading into my next point.

3) Trust that where you are right now is exactly where you’re supposed to be. Don't compare yourself to others, life is not a race, everyone takes lief at a different pace. Make peace with your current situation because if you try and control everything you are inviting tension, stress and frustration in. Don’t resist life, make it easy for yourself and swim downstream. If you’re trying to desperately get somewhere it’s your ego saying “I know what’s right and I know what I need to do to get to that place” versus letting the universe take over and gently guide you downstream to where your dreams and desires lie. Ester Hicks speaks about this concept so beautifully and eloquently. Gabriella Bernstein also says “trusting yourself is the highest form of self-love there is” so bring back trust into your life, a trust in yourself and a trust in a greater power guiding you to where you want to be.

4) Don’t feel guilty for saying no, don’t fear saying yes. Don’t feel guilty about saying yes, don’t fear saying no. Fear and guilt are two of lowest vibrational frequency emotions, fear being the opposite of love and guilty being an apology for living. Banish them both as much as you can. Ultimately you want to emit a high vibration at all times, which brings me on to my next lesson.

5) Everything is vibration, the energy I put out is continuously being returned to me, it’s called the Law of Attraction. I imagine a little antenna on my head and I’m always conscious of my vibrational frequency I’m sending out. Whoever says that being positive doesn’t make a difference to your life, doesn’t understand the power it has. Choosing to see the good in life is a decision you make that will create the life that you live. Your environment is a reflection of you, if you look around and see that you’re not where you want to be, change the inside, you, and eventually the outside, your environment, will start to appear as a reflection of the positive changes you make.

6) Don’t judge others, you don’t know what they’re going through, who they are or what their story is. Everyone is just trying to get through life as best as they can. Being judgmental, of yourself as well as others, is such a negative habit and as soon as I catch myself judging someone, something or myself, even if it’s in the slightest or smallest of ways, I immediately rescind it and focus on thinking something positive. When you judge yourself or other you are inviting others to judge you, let’s take this negative process out of our minds and focus on kindness, acceptance and love.

7) Believe in something. What a lonely, sad world I would live in if I thought I was a pointless part of evolution with no purpose or reason for being here, I would feel anchorless and drifting into an unsatisfactory, unspecified life. I choose to believe that I’m here for a reason, I’m special, like every single person who is, every was and ever will be. I believe we all chose to be here and it’s our job to evolve as a species and find our purpose. I feel incredibly lucky that I’ve found it and I will always encourage everyone who comes to see me in finding theirs. I believe in and trust a universal power that loves me and wants me to succeed and will always unconditionally love and support me, this brings me such peace.

8) Don’t take your thoughts so seriously. They are not ‘you’, they are the outcome of a quick-thinking and constantly working, analytical mind. They can’t do anything unless you listen to them and react. They speak quietly and consistently but don’t underestimate their potential to affect your actions. So be aware of how you speak to yourself and if you find your thoughts drifting to a negative space, watch them and remember they’re not real, physical or tangible and cannot hurt you unless you believe them.

9) Ekhart Tolle says that the future is just an extension of the present. So I choose to be calm, joyful and content in the present as this is the energy I want to carry into my future. If you live in the past you experience regret and nostalgia blending into sadness “it was so much better back when..”. If you live in the future you experience anxiety and fear “what if that happens..” or you wish time away to get to something you’re looking forward to. Try and be present and enjoy the ‘right now’ as it’s the energy of this time, here and now, that will flow into and create your future. And remember, take it day by day.

10) The secret formula to a happy life is this: chose to be joyful, trust that all is well, love, live in the present moment and appreciate everything you have. Choosing joy is easy, start small by noticing the little things that bring you joy, whether it’s a favourite song, a hug from someone you love, a specific colour, a delicious bowl of your favourite food. Appreciate it, find joy from it and build that practice every day until all you notice is joyful things and all you feel is love and gratitude for their presence and indeed your own on this beautiful, abundant planet.

Some of my favourite authors, speakers and resources are below:

Ophra Winfrey's Supersoul Conversations

Joseph Murphy

Wayne Dyer

Ester Hicks and Abraham

Deepak Chopra

Joe Dispenza

Gabriella Bernstein

Ekhart Tolle