Three Simple Ways To Find Happiness

For a long time, my dream has been this: to live a joyful life. Not owning something, not living somewhere, not achieving anything in particular, just having joy in my life. And I recently realised that this is the easiest thing to have, I just need to choose joy every day and to choose joy I need to do more things that bring me joy and appreciate them. Whether it’s smelling flowers in someone’s garden as I walk down the street, to that first cup of coffee that I make every morning and saying hello to little dogs I walk past.

It's all energy

Let’s break it down. Everything is energy and everything vibrates at a certain frequency and speed, like waves in the ocean. This creates the world that we can see with our eyes. But there’s also a non-tangible energy that we all emit, like a small radio tower on our heads. When someone is angry, for example, you can really sense it when they’re near. Just think of that person you avoid at work when they’re in a mood, it’s because you can sense their energy and it’s unpleasant.

Ever heard the phrase, ‘what you give you get’? It’s called the Law of Attraction: the energy you give out through your thoughts and emotions is the energy you receive. In the words of Einstein, it's all just physics.

"Everything is Energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." - Albert Einstein

Once you become aware of how you’re feeling and what vibration you’re emitting then you can change it, it’s completely within your power. You can choose good-feeling thoughts or bad-feeling thoughts but the more better-feeling ones you choose the more you attract and the higher up the scale you move. Look at this amazing diagram that shows all the different emotional vibrations that we can emit. Fear is right at the bottom of the scale with love right at the top which emits the highest frequency.

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Let go of the big dreams

It’s so easy to think “I’ll be happy when…." I meet someone or lose weight or earn a better salary or find my dream job or go travelling or move house. This is attaching your happiness to something. So when you don't have it you feel a lack, if you don't achieve it you feel failure or when you do get it you immediately start planning to attach your happy wagon to the next big goal and the cycle starts again. Take the pressure off your shoulders to hit these big targets and stop weighing them down with perfection, expectations and comparison. Take away the big goals, the dreams, the achievements and just think about what you want your life to look like, is it one full of happiness, friendship, travel, excitement and adventure, love, health or all of them?

Create your future from your present

Your future is created in your present because the future doesn’t exist in reality, it is just an extension of the present. So to invest in your future happiness you need to be living your happiest life in the present moment. You also need to let go of your expectations about the outcome - I want a joyful life but I release the need to know what it looks like, I don't need to control the outcome as I have no attachment to it. What you can be doing is living a joyful life now, appreciating all the small things that give you joy. They can be tiny things, like having a hug, eating your favourite food (without the guilt) or getting a seat on the train on the morning commute. But the important thing is to recognise them, be grateful for them and enjoy them in the present moment without thinking about anything else. Because once you do this you start emitting a vibration of appreciation which in turn brings more of those things straight back to you, building momentum and creating a life full of abundance and joy.

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