The Flaw of Modern Healthcare

"It is fear of the great truths that prevents people from accepting them. In fact the truth is most detested."

-Rudolf Steiner

I felt compelled to speak up after seeing the race to find a vaccine dominating news headlines. In amongst the extreme funding and media coverage, I want to try and unpiece how we’ve come to this misguided belief that a vaccine is the ultimate end solution to this crisis.

I don't claim to be an expert, I write only my opinion, but everything I write comes from a place of love, light and compassion. There is nothing I stand to gain from sharing my thoughts apart from my desire for people to start taking back responsibility and control of their health.

I believe the heart of the crisis isn’t anything to do with the virus, instead it’s caused by our current climate where fear has been encouraged to flourish, differing options to mainstream media shut down and censored and our human rights and livelihoods incrementally and insidiously stripped away. We are being kept separate, kept in the dark and kept down. We’ve forgotten how incredible our bodies are, we’ve lost trust in our natural immunity and we’ve lost the most important connection of all, the one with ourselves. The real root of the crisis isn’t a virus, it’s one of lost connection and fear.

I believe our current healthcare system is ultimately flawed and that the obsession with finding a vaccine is the rotten core. While I’ve no interest in debating the cause of the virus, I do have a passionate interest in our health and welfare, which I fear is on a downward spiral due to modern healthcare's current treatment illness and disease.

The Flaw of Healthcare

I have utter respect for the healthcare system, especially one that saves lives when we experience physical trauma to the body. I also believe complementary and western medical practices can peacefully coexist and support one another in aiding healing and recovery. However, there is a fatal flaw with the way we treat dis-ease and illness in the world today (I call it ‘dis-ease’ because illness is an imbalance in the body). One in which health ‘care’ and health ‘management’ is grossly imbalanced and healing has no place at all.

There is an ignorance within the current healthcare system, one that neglects any other counter arguments or alternative schools of thought, despite the research and science that is coming to light. With all the wonderful progress we make in other industries we are resolutely stuck in a system of health management which no longer cures, rather it has become a dis-ease diagnosis and management system, one which has a dangerous medical autonomy, propped up by the pharmaceutical industry with a financially driven agenda. One in which our reliance on drugs and vaccines as being the solutions to dis-ease has thrived. With the population sicker than ever, with rates of cancer, depression, chronic and autoimmune disease growing at an unprecedented scale, how is it that we believe this is a healthcare system that heals?

We have placed modern medicine on a pedestal, never to be questioned and never to be doubted. We hero-worship at the altar of the NHS with an almost religious zeal - something that is playing out especially now with the focus on the frontline NHS doctors and nurses; from the media coverage, the clapping, the rainbows, the immense funding and donations. Our unquestioning faith in the NHS is currently at its mightiest and most fanatical, shunning any debate or conflicting opinions to one side.

This writer summarises it well when he says “I believe in the concept of the NHS.. but I see our faith in the NHS as blinding us to any rational, nuanced or progressive policy conversation in this area.” There is no question that the NHS healthcare workers are brave and deserving of our praise, but my concern lies with the aftermath of this crisis where the healthcare system will be raised even further on our pedestal, shutting down any alternative debate and questioning viewpoints as unpatriotic, against the greater good and disloyal. I also believe there are many heroes, besides those in the NHS, who are working hard, silently in the background, doing amazing things for humanity at this time who have no spotlight, no clapping and no media coverage. There are people doing battle all over the world, against homelessness, human trafficking, corruption, drugs, human rights, animal cruelty, deforestation - we just don’t see it as our attention is solely focused on ‘saving our NHS’.

The fatal flaw is that we’ve all forgotten that the responsibility of our own health is in our hands. We’ve completely lost trust in our body’s innate intelligence and incredible capacity to heal and thrive. Our reliance on the current healthcare system has taken away a fundamentally important connection we have between ourselves and our bodies, and the more we lose this the more we rely on external sources to fix us. The healthcare system has become a breeding ground for fear, in particular, a fear of trusting our own judgement and intuition because we’ve been led to believe that only the ‘professionals’ are qualified to make those decisions on our behalf. I want to remind you that you don’t have to be a doctor or a scientist to critically question any decision made with regards to your health. We only need to look briefly into the past when doctors were peddaling cigarettes on behalf of the tobacco industry, despite scientific proof that cigarettes contributed to cancer, to see how how important it is to be wary of placing our trust, especially now in this era of coronavirus and vaccinations.

To understand this a little more we need to look at what our healthcare system is based on and how it has created and sustained the most lucrative and powerful industry in the world today - the pharmaceutical industry.

Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

Germ Theory, coined by Louis Pasteur, the cornerstone upon which modern western medicine has been established, is based on the belief that external germs (viruses, fungi, and bacteria) are the cause of dis-ease and ill health. The approach we see in healthcare today is one where external intervention such as drugs, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are ways used to kill germs and therefore treat the dis-ease. As a preventative measure, limiting exposure to germs and using vaccines, are extra ways to stop the germs entering the body. Masks, hand-sanitizer and antibacterial gel are all examples of other preventative measures.

Antoine Bechamp coined an opposing theory called Terrain Theory, stating that to fight illness you have to create a healthy terrain within the body in which dis-ease cannot develop. He recognised that the human body is made up of trillions of germs (viruses, fungi, and bacteria) woven into the tapestry of our body, that all play vital roles. Rather than external germs being the cause of dis-ease, he stated that a germ could only thrive into dis-ease within the body based on the health of our internal terrain. If the internal terrain is out of balance, from a toxic nutrient-deficient diet, toxic lifestyle and toxic emotions, then the dead, diseased tissue in the body (which is a by-product of all the imbalance and toxicity) provides ripe conditions for germs to flourish and thrive. Essentially, germs seek their natural habitat: diseased tissue, rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.

Based on Pasteur’s theory dis-ease can strike anybody and to prevent dis-ease we have to build defences. Based on Bechamp’s theory, dis-ease is built by unhealthy conditions and to prevent dis-ease we have to create health by strengthening and balancing our internal environment through healthy lifestyle choices, rather than killing the germs. He believed that by treating the cause of the diseased tissue in which germs were able to scavenge and grow, you could change the internal terrain back to one of health.

Germ Theory is the perfect example of how we hand over the ownership of our health to someone else to fix. We remove our responsibility and therefore lose our connection to ourselves. If it’s an external influence that makes us ill (germs, bacteria and viruses) then it’s not our fault we get dis-ease and it’s not our problem to fix it. These beliefs keep us dependent victims, helpless in the face of illness which we have through no fault of our own. If you’d like some further reading, Kelly Brogan writes so eloquently on this subject and was also recently critiqued in the media for providing an alternative viewpoint of the crisis.

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The Crucial Role of Symptoms

Germ Theory stands in stark contrast to thousands of years of man looking to nature to nourish and heal it, dating back to ancient Chinese medicine, which treated the whole body instead of the symptoms of illness.

Symptoms are our friends, they tell us what’s wrong and guide us towards how to rebalance ourselves. They are the body’s way of trying to get your attention, a bit like a smoke alarm going off alerting you to a fire. It’s an invitation to investigate further. However, due to a lack of understanding in the way our bodies work, we struggle to understand what the symptoms are telling us. And within our current healthcare system suppressing the symptoms, rather than investigating them, seems to be the most widely used protocol.

We’ve been told to take calpol when we’re sick as children, paracetamol when we have a headache, ibuprofen when we have muscular pain, sudafed when we have a blocked nose, lemsip when we have a cold, imodium when we have diarrhea, dioralyte when we’re dehydrated, laxatives when we’re constipated, antibiotics when we have an infection, inhalers when we have asthma, statins to lower cholesterol, gaviscon when we have heartburn, beta blockers after heart attacks, antidepressants when we’re depressed. Do you ever stop to ask yourself, why am I getting these symptoms, is my body trying to tell me something? We’re believing the lie that medication saves lives, it doesn’t, it merely allows us to keep living the way we’re living without listening to what our body is trying to tell us.

Instead of suppressing the symptoms with medicine, we need to understand what they’re telling us or let them play their course. Sometimes being ill can be a wonderful thing as it’s a reflection of the body’s own ability to detox and heal. Being ill is a therapeutic cleansing response against anything that interferes with the life and health of the cell. This can include a fever, mucus and coughing which all serve as tools to clear the germs and eliminate dead cells from the body.

When we suppress illness with medication we interfere with this natural process and the body is interrupted in performing this crucial function. Medication clogs up the body, in particular the liver, and interrupts what it needs to be doing to heal itself. It covers up the symptoms keeping you believing the problem has gone when in reality the real problem festers away out of sight and out of mind. Moreover, if we choose to use external forces to suppress the symptoms rather than working on the toxicity levels within the internal terrain of the body (through detoxification, diet and trauma release) we further build reliance on medication and lose faith in our body’s natural capacity to heal.

There is no blame or judgement on those that are ill. Instead, I am urging us all to start playing an active role in our health, not demanding that we heal themselves but rather that we take some of that responsibility back. It’s an important distinction to make - we can’t control all the events in our lives but we can control our response.

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The Mind Body Connection

The other crucial factor when discussing the role of symptoms is the lack of awareness we have between our mind and body. Within our modern healthcare system, the emphasis is on treating the part that is dis-eased. But you can’t fix a part without fixing the whole because everything is connected in one amazing, unified, comprehensive and self-regulating system. We’ve been taught that our bodies and minds are separate, disconnected entities, that one doesn’t affect the other. However, not only has science now proved that the mind-body connection exists, but we're beginning to realise that it's the most powerful connection we have, one that can either enhance health or destroy it.

The mainstream medical authority does not acknowledge the role of thought, belief, and emotions in expression of symptoms yet I believe, from experience and reading accounts of other medical professions within both the complementary and traditional medical sphere, that emotions have the biggest impact on our health. Scientists have recently discovered the role of the Enteric Nervous System (the gut brain connection) as well as the study of Psycho-Neuro-Immunoloy, the impact of your thoughts on your immune system.

However, what they have still yet to realise is that it’s really psycho-neuro-everything-ology, every emotion affects our health. Past trauma, grief, anger, stress, fear - these all have deep-rooted implications on our wellbeing, whether they’re current or past. So when we see newspaper headlines about people dying with ‘no underlying illness’ we have to realise that there might have been huge emotional burdens, stress or deep-held trauma within that person’s body. Science is on the cusp on discovering how our emotions impact our physical state but our healthcare system doesn’t take this into account.

Our minds and bodies are one powerful unit and at this time of uncertainty and fear we need to understand how our thoughts and emotions are affecting our wellbeing. The current crisis is one of fear and I believe fear to be one of the most damaging emotions on our health. We need to switch off the negativity and regain our emotional stability so we can start thinking rationally because everything that enters our minds has an effect on our wellbeing, even more than what we put in our bodies.

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Vaccine Solution

With the advent of better medicine, more drugs, more vaccines and more treatments, we have to ask ourselves “why is illness and dis-ease increasing year on year?” I believe our current healthcare system is ultimately flawed and there is a dangerous medical autonomy which is controlled by the pharmaceutical companies who have no concern for our welfare, only on bringing in profits on an unfathomable scale.

The problem of relying on vaccines as a solution lies within the essential flaw of the healthcare system today, not only one that focuses on external threats rather than the internal immunity of the individual, but one based on fear-mongering and profits, commercialised by Big Pharma and propped up by the media. One that profits from treatments, not from cures, which is why the race to find a vaccine for Coronavirus is now a primary focus. I personally believe the intent of vaccines isn’t to help or heal, the intent is profit. Pharmaceuticals earn billions from vaccines yet our children are the sickest we’ve ever seen, in fact, the pharmaceutical industry today is worth over a trillion dollars and has sway over every industry in the world, especially political agenda.

I’m not going to tell you what to believe about vaccines but I strongly urge you to do your research and form your own opinion. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there that gives an alternative perspective to the government and media narrative of “vaccines are good”. There are hundreds of doctors who speak out, multiple documentaries, billions of dollars worth of payments in lawsuits and thousands of first hand stories from parents whose children have either died or developed complications as a result. The question is, as someone has asked, "why not give equal airtime to parents of vaccine injured children to tell their story? No parent is given any chance to do so. Why isn’t the population told about the thousands of studies done proving vaccines and their adjuvants are harmful?" This is information they don’t want you to know, information that is heavily censored and repressed. In recent weeks this censorship has been rampant on social media, with “independent” fact checkers banning content from those opposed to vaccinations and the media criticizing any celebrities that pass comment on the matter, most recently Djokovic and MIA.

The most worrying element of the vaccine solution is why Bill Gates has become a non-appointed world leader and advisor to governments and health bodies in pushing his vaccine agenda. In his own words “normalcy only returns, when we've largely vaccinated the entire global population” - it’s been laid bare, in broad daylight, that this is where we’re heading, so we need to all be aware of the implications and dangers of vaccines before it’s too late. He is not our saviour and a vaccine is not a solution.

Our Deep Intelligence

There is a deep intelligence we need to recognise and remember, now more than ever. If you think about what your body is doing right now it’s beyond comprehension. Beyond the basics like pumping blood, processing toxins, filtering waste and digesting food, on a deeper and cellular level the body is carrying out millions of nerve impulses, electrical signals, hormonal secretions and gaseous exchanges. Every second it’s communicating, assessing, fixing and mending. It’s a phenomenal powerhouse of intelligence and mechanics. We just forget that it’s happening because it happens on an unconscious level that we’re not controlling.

Within this incredible intelligence our bodies have the most wonderful ways of showing us when they need us to pay more attention or change something in the way we’re living to rebalance and regain health. In this crisis of fear and lost connection where we're being told that we're being attacked by an 'invisible killer' and we're all vulnerable and fragile, now more than ever, we need to remember how powerful our bodies are and how having a balanced and healthy body is completely up to us.

True health doesn’t lie in a miracle pill or vaccination, it lies within us. There is no external solution to internal disharmony. We need to start the process of health and healing from within instead of relying on an external solution from an industry that doesn’t have our best interests at heart. We need to recognise our role to play in giving our bodies what they need to thrive. Unplug from negativity in the media, cut out the toxic and processed food in your diet, move in the fresh air, connect with nature and community, practice gratitude, unburden your toxic emotions, fill your mind with inspiring, positive material and fill your body with whole foods and pure water. Surround yourself with love, connections and nature as best you can.

I understand people are scared, that we are in a time where everything is uncertain and it’s hard to know who to trust, where this is heading and what we can do about it. What I encourage, more than anything, is remove yourself from the fear and panic and remember how powerful you are and how incredible your body is.

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