Step-by-Step Process to Releasing Negative Emotions

I welcome you to do this exercise when feeling irritable, angry or impatient.

When feeling stuck, overwhelmed or stressed.

When feeling sad, empty or lost.

Or when feeling fearful, anxious or apprehensive.

Set aside 30 minutes of ‘self-care’ where you commit to raising your vibration through the release of negative emotions and energy stuck in the body.

Part 1

If you’re feeling any of these emotions the first step is to fully accept them. Accept that you’re feeling in this way and that it’s totally ok. Don’t try and resist it, let the emotions be.

Secondly, don’t berate yourself for feeling them. Feeling emotions is not failure, it’s a part of being human and entirely normal and universally experienced by all. We all have highs and lows in life - if you don’t experience the lows it’s harder to recognise the highs.

Speak this affirmation out loud:

“I’m ready to release and let go all that no longer serves me. I am open to love, guidance and support. I choose to let go and surrender all that causes me grief and pain. I am filled with abundance and gratitude. I now recognise that I need only let go of negativity to welcome in love. I trust all is well and I am safe.”

Part 2

Find a peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed.

Start by drinking a large glass of cool water. We forget how easily dehydrated we can become. Also notice if you’re hungry, if so, eat before you begin. Hunger can sometimes make things feel a lot worse than they really are.

Next, sit crossed legged on a cushion. Or in any way that’s comfortable. If desired, play meditation music or HZ frequency music via YouTube quietly in the background.

Close your eyes and place your thumb and forefingers on your frontal eminences (the two bumps on your forehead). Do nothing but spend 2 to 3 minutes thinking about how you're feeling.

Next, keeping your eyes closed, start inhaling and exhaling deep breaths to the count of 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out.

As you breathe in, breathe in: peace and trust.

As you breathe out, breathe out: fear and stress.

Be slow and steady, you have no need to rush, this time is set aside for you.

Imagine a warm white light bathing and embalming you in its protective power and love. Really feel it embracing you, wrapping you up in Divine energy and love. You are unconditionally loved and supported and now is the time when you need to feel this message most.

Part 3

When you feel ready or after 15 or so minutes (the longer the better) open your eyes, find a pen and paper and write down your answers to these brief questions:

1) Is there a reason(s) for feeling the emotions you currently feel? Perhaps a person, a circumstance or a situation?

If there’s no simple explanation for your feelings then it’s not the right time to do these questions so skip ahead to part 4. Everything happens in Divine timing, we don’t push for answers, we let things be and trust answers will come when you are ready for them.

2) Is your Ego involved? If you’re not sure let’s break this down.

Ego always wants to be in control, it believes in scarcity and lack and that we are all in competition with each other, it’s ‘you versus me’. It lives in fear and believes there’s never enough. It rejects help, loathes failure, judges others, pities itself and has a victim mentality of ‘poor me’. It always thinks it’s right and is totally inflexible to others’ ideas. Ego is impatient, always believing time is running out. It grasps tightly onto fixed outcomes and sulks when it doesn’t get what it wants. It likes to seeth about past hurts, wallow in resentment and relish in future fears and anxiety. Ego is all about the ‘getting, grasping and grabbing’ and never about the ‘giving, serving and surrendering’. Ego never likes to be questioned, it stomps around shouting “I’m right” creating drama with little regard for others. Ego is utterly exhausting and is often the root of all past, present and future hurts.

3) So let’s ask that question again. Is your Ego involved with how you’re feeling?

If it is, it’s a wonderful thing to acknowledge because now you can focus on leaving the Ego behind and inviting in the love.

4) Is your emotion past, present or future?

If it’s in the past it’s time to leave it there, there’s nothing that can be done to change it. If it’s in the future, it hasn’t happened yet and might never will so why create unnecessary worry about it. If it’s present, remember that all things come to pass and no one knows what might be around the corner.

5) Whether past, present or future, are you open to letting go of trying to fix the problem / find the solution and accept things as they are?

Part 4

When we’re so focused on what’s going wrong in our life we can sometimes forget to think about all the good.

So for this next step, write down 10 things that are absolutely wonderful about your life and that bring you joy. It could be as small such as wearing your favourite jumper, the sunset, the smell of flowers, the roof over your head, eggs on toast for breakfast, the rustle of leaves in the wind, the job you have, that best friend.

Write them down and reread them, focusing on each one and really feeling the love and joy you receive from it.

Part 5

We all fear losing control and loosening our grip. And we struggle to trust that when we let go we’ll be caught. It takes time and constant practise but why not start now?

So let’s do some simple affirmations to allow yourself to come into a place of acceptance and surrender. Once you find acceptance and surrender your emotional burdens ease and love can flow freely through you again.

Say them loud. You can choose to do this in a mirror and look at yourself in the eye, or not. Repeat them at least 3 times.

I AM safe.

I AM calm.

I AM peaceful.

I AM present.

I AM unconditionally loved.

I AM unconditionally supported.

I AM held by an unseen loving energy.

I AM exactly where I’m meant to be.

I AM accepting of my current situation.

I AM releasing all that no longer serves me.

I AM letting go.

I AM allowing.

I AM surrendering.

I AM here.

I AM enough.

I AM home.

I AM love.

Part 6

Let’s settle down.

Find a wall, lie flat with your bum right up against it and lift your legs up against the wall so you’re inverted and supported. This is a wonderfully calming and nourishing exercise. Return to those deep breaths.

As you breathe in, breathe in: peace and trust.

As you breathe out, breathe out: fear and stress.

Be slow and steady.

After a few minutes or so bring yourself to sitting back on your heels. Curl your front body over your thighs, tuck your head in and down by your knees and lay your arms beside your body, palms facing up. You become a tiny, tucked ball. Stay for 10 steady breaths.

Bring yourself to seated and take a moment to evaluate how you feel.

Have another large glass of cool water.

You are reset and recharged.

All is well.

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