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I promised myself I was going to stay quiet. I’m not the type of person to voice their opinion, I normally sit back and watch the play unfold but I’m not going to sit back and be quiet anymore. If we are to save our freedom and our way of life we all deserve to know the truth.

There’s a lot of alternative opinions out there to what’s going on, some claim the virus isn’t real, some claim it was planted on purpose and some claim that the death toll figures are being fabricated. I’m not going to latch onto any of those arguments right now but what I will say is that anyone who is speaking out or openly criticising the government, virus or media is either being labelled as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or as ‘fake news’.

Fake news and conspiracies

There is no such thing as ‘fake news’, there is only opinion. The fact that mainstream media can call an alternative opinion ‘fake’ should sound huge alarm bells. Fake by who’s account? Conspiracy theories are in fact ‘coincidence theories’, brave people who are voicing an opinion, as they have a right to do (for the time being) about this situation. They look at all the coincidences, connect the dots, do their research and create a different viewpoint challenging the mainstream view by thinking critically. The fact they have this label is just a cheap attempt to discredit them. It’s like mainstream medicine calling alternative and complementary therapists ‘quacks’ - it’s an attempt to discredit the incredible work we all do. After all, big pharma doesn’t want people to stop buying the drugs that it makes such a huge profit on.

It takes true bravery and courage to speak out, take a stand and go against popular opinion. If you look at my sources below you’ll see that there’s a huge range of individuals (and many more unmentioned) all trying to help everyone wake up. There is nothing to gain by doing this, there’s no fame or monetary reward, it’s trying to share what we believe to be the truth. So rather than telling you what I believe to be true from my own research, I’m going to share some questions I have which we all need to critically look at.

Question time

These are some questions that have come out of my reasearch that I haven't been able to gain satasfactory answer through the majority of mainstream reporting.

  • Why are we treating this as a crisis when the Flu virus reportedly (according to WHO) kills 290,000-650,000 globally each year? Even with a vaccine for Flu, why do so many still die? (SOURCE)

  • In 2018 to 2019 23,200 excess winter deaths occured in the UK primarily due to resipratory disease according to government statistic (49,000 equuivalent UK deaths occurred between 2017 - 2018). Why is this not being mentioned? (SOURCE)

  • Why are UK doctors being asked to put Covid-19 as the cause of death on death certificates even if the deceased died with covid-19 but actually died of another cause? (SOURCE)

  • Why do NHS doctors and nurses have a gagging order stopping them from speaking out about the ‘pandemic’ or as the media reports ‘the lack of equipment’? (SOURCE)

  • Why is Bill Gates suddenly playing such a prominent role in the crisis? In his own words, he wants to vaccinate all 7 billion of us for our health and saftey yet he talks about the need to decrease the population? Ask yourself, what is his agenda here? (SOURCE - 4 minutes in). He say's we didn't simulate or pracitice this but he did. (SOURCE)

  • Why has the UK government passed emergency legislation that prohibits freedom of movement and speech with the ability to arrest and quarantine anyone they choose? (SOURCE)

  • Why is there no mainstream media giving the public information on how to boost their immunity through diet, exercise and lifestyle which is surely a great way to allay people’s fears and concerns?

  • Why is 5G being rolled out without the majority of the public knowing what it is or the serious health implications it will lead to yet prominent scientisits all over the wold have cause for concern? (SOURCE) (SOURCE)

  • Is it also a coincidence that Event 201, the simulation of a global pandemic, happened just last year? Also sponsored by Bill Gates (SOURCE)

  • Why did so many CEO’s of major corporations across the world step down right before the ‘pandemic’ hit? (SOURCE)

  • Do you think it’s a coincidence a film like Contagion and other similar ‘end of the world’ apocalypse films were made a few years before this ‘pandemic’? Is this subliminal messaging?

You don’t need to agree with what I say, I just urge you to start thinking about these questions. I'm still looking for answers myself and I certainly don't claim to know the answers but I would also suggest the following.

Start questioning what you read

The media are all controlled and programmed to say the same thing, the narrative is always the same, the headlines are sensationalized, there is an abundance of propaganda. So turn off the news, it only spikes your fear and sense of lack of control. Whatever is really happening isn’t going to be told in newspapers and TV. So look for alternative sources, search on Youtube before these videos and articles are classed as ‘hate speech’ and taken down, which is happening.

Look after your health and immunity

If there is a virus then if you have a strong immune system you will be fine. Just to reiterate, I’m not a doctor and my advice is only that: advice, so take it as such.

  • Eat mainly plants, fruit and grains.

  • Ditch mucus-forming dairy, take out processed meat and sugar.

  • Avoid alcohol to give your liver a chance to work on those other toxins in your body it needs to filter out.

  • Sleep and rest.

  • Move, do yoga, walk.

  • Appreciate all you have because gratitude boosts the immune system like nothing else.

  • Take supplements, Vitamin C, Zinc and a Probiotic if possible.

  • If you get a cold or flu symptoms, let your fever run but keep your head cool, that’s the body’s way of burning it off.

  • Drink lots of fluids, nourish yourself with food.

  • Don’t suppress symptoms with medicine, it will only drive it further into the body.

Going down the rabbit hole

When you start digging, be prepared for some ugliness because there is a lot of uncomfortable truth out there. When I first started researching I wanted to turn around and bury my head in the sand and pretend I hadn’t learnt it. It’s a nasty shock to realise that everything you’ve been led to believe and trust in is a lie. That’s why so many people react in anger to anyone who speaks out against what they believe in. Anger is a front for fear.

So I understand why people reading this will react in disbelief, anger or ridicule. However, everything I speak about comes from a positive and calm place. I implicitly trust my gut feeling which guides me to the truth and I am fortunate enough to have opened my eyes to the way the world is being run and the way we are all being deceived. If you’re not open to questioning or researching the information you’re fed by the media and the government then that’s ok, but please don’t criticise someone else for doing so. If you do, ask yourself why does a difference of opinion to the mainstream narrative trigger you?

Wake up

Let’s wake up otherwise we will find ourselves in a world where our freedom will be a thing of the past. A future where we will have mandatory vaccinations (courtesy of Bill Gates), mass surveillance, micro-chipping with tracking technology and bombardment from 5G radio frequencies. These are all promoted as being all for our health and safety, yet they are the exact opposite. The effects of 5G alone will be catastrophic on our health and wellbeing.

Despite all this darkness, secrecy and manipulation I believe it’s important to stay light, trust that good will prevail and love is stronger than fear.

Other thoughtprovoking sources

Another video of a medical professional telling their side of what’s really going on:

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A US doctor speaking up - video will no doubt be removed soon:

An eye-opening video of why so many CEO’s stepped down just before the crisis hit:

Only released a few days ago ‘Out of the Shadows’ is a film exposing how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content:

Freedom of speech is being taken away by Youtube:

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