6 Ways To Survive This New Reality

The year 2020 hasn't exactly gone to plan.

Like many, I’ve found myself out of work - sadly I can't treat clients online as Kinesiology only works in person (that's the magic of it) - however, I'm well aware that there are so many that have it far, far worse. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful for what I do have and this is what I try and focus on. I have a home with outdoor space, I have love and support, I have my health and I have a career waiting for me once the economy is back on its feet - I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s much more than many others have.

After a week or so of reflection I want to share a few gentle thoughts about how to survive this new reality we find ourselves in which I hope will provide some comfort for those that need it.

1) Step away from what no longer serves you

Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to. I’ve had to step away from social media because I felt that it had become a platform where everyone was shouting too loudly and too often. It triggered a lot of negativity and I wasn’t able to handle it. Similarly, while I can do one-on-one video calls, the idea of a Houseparty is too much for me to handle right now. Everyone is different, just do what feels right with you, even if it’s against the flow of what everyone else is doing.

2) Recognise your feelings

I’ve felt so many emotions ranging from intense anger to extreme apathy. You might be feeling anything from grief to mild happiness. Don’t apologise for how you feel, everyone is allowed to react to this situation in any way they choose. And remember, we’ll all have good days and bad days, you won't feel a certain way forever and your moods will always swing in roundabouts.

3) Don’t be a sponge

We absorb negativity like a sponge and as a result this can weaken our positive mindset which has a knock on effect to our immune health. It’s tempting to check the news every hour, but try not to. Newspapers want to sell their stories to the public and they do this by using shocking, attention-grabbing, manipulative and scare-mongering headlines. Not only do I suggest you take what you read very lightly but, above all, remember what these newspapers are trying to do, sell a story.

4) Find compassion

There are lots of opinions at the moment and a lot of judgement too. People do funny things when they’re in a fear state, please try and have compassion, and understand that often when you encounter someone’s strong opinion there’s usually a lot of fear hiding behind that emotion. We're all tyring to grasp onto what we know but at the end of the day, the only information we have is the information presented to us, who knows if it's right or wrong. There’s no right way to be looking at this and no one has the answers. Be open, be kind and above all, be compassionate.

5) Let go of the guilt

I feel guilty I’m not working, I feel guilty I’m not eating as well as I normally do and I feel guilty I can’t do anything to help. This isn’t a healthy or positive way to be thinking and I recognise that. Guilt is a pointless emotion as it serves no purpose so let’s all try and let go. What can alleviate it? Having gratitude for what you have, recognising that you are not alone, and remembering that there will be a time when life gets back to a lovely normality and we can relish in our busyness and routines once again.

6) Let go of expectations

For the majority of us this is not the time to take on a new project, learn a new skill, discover a new talent or lose weight. This is not a paid sabbatical, this is not a gap year, this is not a holiday, this is not ‘time off work’, people all over the world are struggling financially, mentally and physically. I don’t believe this is a time to load on expectations on our shoulders of having to ‘make the most of it’. Take that pressure off right now. All you should be focusing on is looking after yourself as best you can, doing whatever keeps you healthy and happy so you can survive this period and come out the other end with your wellbeing intact.

If anyone needs any support or advice during this difficult time please do reach out. I can offer advice on the best immune supplements, show you how you can reduce stress, give you wonderful exercises to do at home to supplement your health or just be a helping hand to whoever needs it.

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