5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Spring is nearly upon us and while we should be excited as the season of new life and the promise of warmer days draws nearer, it feels like there is a big coronavirus-shaped shadow looming over us.

While it is serious, to an extent, I believe the threat has been over-dramatised and glorified, in no part by scaremongering media tactics designed to keep us in a fearful and panicked place. News stations are the worst culprits, doing their best to dredge up as much fear, panic and dread as possible. And if you look at all the world's recent obsession with 'zombie apocalypse, human-race-annihilation, flesh eating viruses and end-of-the-world' horror movies, is it any wonder that this virus has been so utterly sensationalised?

So I recommend not buying into the panic and instead focusing on getting yourselves and your immune systems ready for Spring and all the delights it brings:

1) Positive Thinking

In Kinesiology, we believe that emotions are one of the main root causes of physical symptoms in the body, and I see this proved time and time again with clients. In science they called it psycho-neuro-immune-ology, the study of how thoughts affect your immune system, meaning that if you’re thinking negative, fearful thoughts you’re suppressing your immune system. So be wary of your thoughts and keep the focus on your self-talk as loving, positive and grateful.

2) Rest and Restore

Rest is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially if you work long hours, pack lots of social commitments in and constantly “busy”. Getting to bed by 10.30pm, afternoon naps, sitting quietly reading a book and taking a long, leisurely stroll are all lovely restorative ways to rest but you can also actively rest by doing something you really enjoy. This could be an art class, gardening or cooking - something that gives you a break from the everyday routine whilst doing something that gives you joy. This wonderful book 'Rest' writes a compelling argument for the case of rest as constructive and necessary.

3) Feed your Immune System

Fill your plates with an abundance of fresh, vibrant food such as colorful vegetables and fruit which are by far the most beneficial things you can eat to boost your immune system, owing to the huge vitamin and mineral content. Some of my favourite immune-boosting foods include; ginger, mushrooms, turmeric, garlic, any citrus fruit and lots of green leafy veg. To add that extra boost I recommend a high strength Vitamin C, taking 1000mg 3 times a day. In Kinesiology we use muscle testing to ask the body which type of Vitamin C it needs, as you get many different variations, but it’s worth getting the best quality one you can afford. Both Higher Nature and Cytoplan often test out with clients so are a great option.

4) Find your happy

This February has been a really cold, wet and windy month which can really affect our moods and make us a little more grumpy and miserable that we’d usually be. So I encourage you to keep doing those things that give you joy, make you laugh or fill you with gratitude, as these are all huge immune-boosting feelings. Whether it’s playing with dogs or children (who always bring the silly joy out in us), creative practices from art to music, getting out and about in nature, getting absorbed into a TV show or great book or just having loads of hugs with the people you love the most.

5) Move and flow

Your lymphatic system runs around your body working hard to clean toxins and nasties out of the blood to be filtered out of the body via the kidneys, liver and colon. In Kinesiology we focus on shifting stagnation and to keep the lymph flowing smoothly and clearly. This means the body runs more efficiently and waste can be filtered out rather than linger around causing ill health and unhappy immune systems. One of the best ways to get your own lymph moving is to move your body in any way you can - Yoga is my favourite way as it involves challenging the body in different positions but anything works; walking, jogging and swimming are all fantastic as the whole body is moving. So move, any way you can, to keep that lovely lymph flowing smoothly and clearly.

For more information this article from Wake Up World is a great read!

And if you feel like you need more help to get your immune system into a healthy, happy place then please do get in touch to see if Kinesiology might be just what you need.

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