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Systematic Kinesiology is a powerful form of natural healthcare that uses gentle muscle testing to find areas of imbalance in the biochemistry of the body, looking beyond the symptoms to find the root cause, helping you to heal naturally from the inside out.

Many different factors influence our health and wellbeing and often the root of the problem isn’t where the pain or discomfort lies. For example, IBS symptoms can be caused by stress and lower back pain can originate from an underlying digestive issue. I therefore look at you as a whole to understand where the imbalance is stemming from. 


Once found I work on releasing it via a range of different techniques including firm lymphatic massage, finding nutritional supplements your body needs to heal, assessing dietary and lifestyle factors and working through emotional trauma. Read more about why Systematic Kinesiology is the best thing you can do for your health here.

The benefits of Kinesiology treatments are wide ranging:

  • Non-invasive, drug free & enormously empowering.

  • Kinesiology balances the whole person, enhancing total health and well-being.

  • Tailored treatments to you and your body.

  • Bespoke food allergy tests & nutritional supplement plans.

  • Strengthens the immune & digestive systems. 

  • Thorough and effective release of stress and anxiety from mind & bod.

  • Eliminates pain, tension and toxicity from the body. 

  • Gentle, safe, supportive and confidential.