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Stress and employee wellbeing

There is a direct correlation between health and productivity, when we feel well we perform well. When we're in a state of wellbeing our bodies thrive and our minds are creative. However, when we're in a state of stress we fall into our 'fight or flight' sympathetic nervous system. In this stress-state our immune defences are lowered, opening us up to illness and slowing down recoverycosting companies time and money.

What's more, recent research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology shows us how psychological influences have a decisive biological impact on the body's stress apparatus (the nervous system, hormonal glands, immune system and brain). In particular, research has discovered that psychological factors such as uncertainty, conflict, lack of control and lack of information are considered to be the most stressful stimuli, rather than the more obvious external threats such as predators.

These psychological factors are especially relevant this year with COVID where we have all been faced with a lack of control, uncertainty and lack of information. There is no doubt that people’s physical, mental and emotional health is being challenged during this extraordinary time in history.

COVID impact on employee health 

Based on my experience as Kinesiology practitioner, and taking into account the events of this year, I've identified the major stressors which are fueling employee stress and ill health:

  • Worry around job security and financial responsibilities

  • Difficulties working from home for those with families or dependants

  • Concern for the health of vulnerable family and friends

The negative impact of stress on our physical health is widely acknowledged. However, another crucial factor to take into account is COVID's effect on our emotional health:

  • Loss of confidence around performance at work after furlough / working from home

  • Anxiety and overwhelm around returning to work and resuming a normal routine

  • Low self-esteem from enforced isolation from family, friends and colleagues

  • Fear of the virus, concerns for own health and fear of the future

Kinesiology corporate offerings

Systematic Kinesiology is a truly unique approach to wellbeing because it addresses the whole person simultaneously, both physical health and emotional health. Offering powerful results from just one session, the benefits continue long after, including: improved sleep, lowered anxiety, increased energy, better digestion, greater confidence, clarity of thought and reduced stress, to name a few.

I'm excited to work with companies focused on enhancing employee wellbeing in the wake of COVID and have designed the following service packages to help target companies' specific needs.

1.  Tailored one-on-one consultations + treatments for employees in a confidential clinic environment

2. 'Wellbeing days' visiting your office offering 'calm & restore' treatments focused around stress-relief

3. Engaging and practical workshops centered around stress management and mind-body health

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further, I'd be delighted to hear from you with any questions you may have about how Systematic Kinesiology can benefit your company.

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